Canine Country Hours & Rates

Canine Country Camp


Although we are staffed 24-7, we do have specific “business” hours for phone calls, questions & reservations. Please no after-hours phone calls! This is our home as well as our business, and our family time is important! We are closed between 10am & 4pm Monday-Saturday for our active play and swim time. Sunday’s we are closed from 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm for our active play and swim time.

Our Regular Business hours are:

Monday, Friday and Saturday 8am-6pm
Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday 7am-6pm
Sunday 8am-5pm

Canine Country ONLY accepts dogs until 10am Daily. Our Drop-Off Window is from our morning opening time (7am or 8am) to 10am. For Pick-ups, you may choose morning or afternoon which is 8am-10am or from 4pm to our closing time (5pm or 6pm). Sundays we allow a mid-day pick up from noon-1pm if prescheduled.

We can occasionally help you with an early drop off or late pick up, but these must be arranged in advance, and will have additional fees.

Day Camp Pricing

  • First Timers $30.00/day/dog first session only
  • Subsequent visits $25.00 per day 1 dog
  • $48.00 per day for 2 dogs (same family)
  • $68.00 per day for 3 dogs (same family)

* Puppies under 6 months, that require a mid day feeding, and/or are not completely potty trained and dogs requiring special attention/treatments are an extra $5.00 per day

Day Camp Reservations required; Payment is due at check out by cash or check only. We do not take credit cards.

Day Camp Punch Cards

  • Cost for a one dog 10 punch card is $225.00
  • Cost for a Two dog 10 punch card is $425.00
  • Cost for a Three Dog 10 punch card is $625.00

Slumber Camp Reservations required (same payment rules as above)

Canine Slumber Camp Pricing

  •  $45.00/night (24 hours) 1 dog
  • $80.00/night 2 Dogs (same family)
  • $110/3 Dogs (same family)

If the kids are out of school, we are busy! Book early!

No discounts are given over holiday periods, which include: New Years eve/day; Ski/Skate Week; Spring break week (local); Easter weekend; All 3 day weekends; July 2nd-5th; Thanksgiving Week; And the 2 weeks over the Christmas Holiday.

Canine Caravans

  • Pick up between 10:30am & 11am
  • Drop off between 12:30pm & 1pm
  • $25.00 per dog (2nd Dog/same family $20.00)

Off Leash Trailhead group walks and/or lake swims. Playtime is approximately 90 minutes. This service is provided to the following areas: Glenshire, Olympic Heights, Prosser, Sierra Meadows, & Ponderosa. Other areas available for for an additional fee.

Limit: 6 dogs per adventure

In-Your-Home Care

  • New Client Meet & Greet – Always Free
  • Standard Visits (approx. 30 min.) – $20-$25 per visit
  • Extended Visits (approx. 45-60 min) – $25-$35 per visit
  • In-door Accident Clean-up – $6.00-$10.00 a day


  • Insulin Shots – $5.00 per shot

Pills given with food are no extra charge, but you MUST provide us with pill pockets, cheese or peanut butter to hide the pills in. 


If your house is inaccessible due to snow, we will charge an extra fee to snowshoe in or shovel a berm so we may care for your pets. Cost varies due to the amount of time it takes us, the length of your driveway, and the height of the berm. Our fee for this service is based on a labor fee of $40.00/hour.

On-Leash Individual Dog Walking (Glenshire Only)

  • $25.00 (30 min.)
  • $30.00 (45 min.)
  • $35.00 (60 min.)

Mileage Fee

If you live outside our normal travel area, we will charge an additional fee.

  • $.50 per mile


Please note we DO NOT take credit cards. We will accept checks with ID, and that good old fashioned green stuff. Payment MUST be made on or before your pick-up day. No dogs will be released without payment. If you are having a friend pick-up for you, Please have them prepared to pay.