• Do you allow drop-ins?
    Drop-ins are allowed for existing clients based on space availability. New clients must do a
    meet & greet prior to any scheduled camp days or overnights.
  • What is the Meet & Greet for? What does it cost?
    The meet and greets consist of a tour of our facility, a temperament test for your dog, and
    completing the necessary paperwork. The meet & greet is always free, but must be pre-
    scheduled at a time when our trainer is on site.
  • What things are you looking for in the temperament test?
    We are looking at your dog’s social skills and screening for aggression. We take only social,
    non-aggressive dogs into our camp. If your dog is not ready for our camp we can discuss other
    options for socialization.
  • It says in your paperwork that we must call before arriving with our dog, why is that?
    As a truly cage-free facility, we do not take your dog at the front desk and move them into a
    cage until they can be introduced to the other dog because we do NOT have cages! It is important
    for our dog’s safety and wellbeing that we know what dog will be the next to arrive. If you are
    bringing us a malamute, it will be introduced to different dogs first, then we would introduce a
    Yorkie. If it’s your dog’s first time here, we will introduce more slowly than a dog that comes
    every week.
  • What food do you use at Canine Camp?
    Here at Canine Country Camp, we ask you to bring the food your dog is accustomed to. We
    have found that switching a dog’s diet can lead to upset tummies, diarrhea, and discomfort.
    Dogs play best and have the best experience when they feel well. It is our desire that your dogs
    enjoy their experience with us and look forward to returning.
  • The paperwork asks us not to switch our dog’s diet within two weeks of bringing them to camp, why is that?
    For the same reasons as above. Changing a dog’s diet suddenly can lead to intestinal
  • Your policy states that the dogs should arrive with a leash and collar on, but then it is
    removed once they get inside. My dog won’t stray, so why do I need to keep them on a leash?
    We are in a wildlife community and frequently have deer, bunnies, squirrels and the
    occasional bear or bobcat in our front yard. Your dog may see these animals long before you
    will and take off chasing them. Not only do we not want your dog to chase our wildlife, we do
    not want your dog to run into the street and get hit by a car. This is a very strictly upheld rule
    and frequent offenders will not be welcomed back. We love all our living creatures and want
    them all to feel safe on our property!
  • Why do you remove the collars?
    It allows us to call ourselves a nudist camp! Seriously, collars are removed for the safety of our
    dogs. Dogs play with their mouths. They bite, tug and wrestle at the neck. Many dogs are
    killed each year by dogs getting their teeth accidentally stuck under another dog’s collar and
    while attempting to break free, they end up choking the other dog. We take dog safety
    extremely serious. For this reason, no dog can be in our play yard with a collar on unless it is
    an approved breakaway collar.
  • It says all overnight campers must be dropped off by 10am, why can’t I drop off my dog in the afternoon?
    The short answer is…. I like to sleep! After 12 years of running a cage-free facility, I have found
    that for me to sufficiently bond the dogs to one another and wear out the dogs so that they
    will not try to wrestle and play all night I need them to arrive before 10am.
  • Do you make any exceptions to the 10am rule?
    We can occasionally offer a drop off between 12pm and 1pm for a dog that is over 6 years of age
    and not considered to have separation anxiety or very high energy. Our goal is to make the
    dogs a “pack” and if a dog arrives later in the day, they will sometimes have a higher level of
    anxiety trying to mix with an already established pack.
  • My dog has not yet been spayed/neutered is that a problem?
    All Camp dogs over 6 months of age MUST be spayed or neutered. The problems we see when
    an un-sprayed or unneutered dog enters are play area is the way the other dogs react to the
    intact dog. They will often try to challenge the intact dog or hump the intact dog incessantly.
    This creates a dangerous an unhealthy atmosphere.
  • I understand that you charge for the entire reservation even if we return early and pick up our dog early. Why should we have to pay for a night my dog was not there?
    Much like a hotel reservation, we have a limited number of spaces available. Once you have
    reserved your dog’s space, we turn others away. If you cut your trip early and do not give us
    sufficient notice we cannot offer that spot to another dog, therefore you will be charged for
    the number of nights you reserve unless you give us 72 hours’ notice that you are changing
    your reservation.
  • I see you ask that we not call after hours, but I work all day and can’t always get a call to
    you during regular business hours.
    We respectfully request you make your calls to us during our regular business hours. We
    understand it may be more convenient for you to call us in the evening, but we ask you to
    respect our privacy and family time by refraining from calling after hours. Remember, this is
    our home so calls made to us at dinner time or early morning are disrupting our very limited
    family time and/or sleep.
  • I understand you ask for payment at the time of pick-up or drop off, but you don’t take credit cards and I forgot my checkbook, can I just send you a check?
    Would you have dinner at your favorite restaurant, knowing they don’t take credit cards and
    then expect they would be ok with you sending them a check? What about the dry cleaners?
    Deli? Gas Station? Payment is expected at the time of service.
  • My dogs current on his/her vaccinations, but I forgot to bring the records… is that Ok?
    Although we do believe most people are honest and upfront about their dog’s vaccinations,
    we cannot simply take your word for it. We are a licensed kennel and have an obligation to our
    other clients to assure that ALL dogs in our care are disease free, and current on all required